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2020  - Ongoing exhibits:  CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19

             - Photographic Abstractions or Light Paintings – Cross media experiment, camera is used as a brush in                      space, capturing light, color and movement. 40x60” giclée on canvas at Pridelines Art Gallery, 6360 NE 4th                    CT Miami, Fl, 33138.


             - Museum of Science & History (MOSH) - A Retrospective – Photographs of Nature and Animals, various                 sizes, available at the MOSH store. 1025 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207.                                                                    and


2019    - Art Basel MiamiPhotographic Abstractions, 40x60” giclée on canvas. Exhibit and Artist Talk at                               Pridelines Art Gallery, 6360 NE 4th CT.  Miami, Fl, 33138.  12/6 – 9

              - Museum of Science & History (MOSH) - Photographic Abstractions – Conceptual photographs. 

                Solo exhibit,   11/2018-1/2019.

              - One World Trade Center, New York - One Self - Project celebrating identity and self-reflection.                                     Exhibited by and presented by ChaShaMa Gallery. 6/13. https://See.Me/OneSelf//Marcia Brito

               - Jacksonville Downtown Art Walk - Photographic Abstractions - Large Scale Non-Objective                                       Photographs, 60x40” - Solo exhibit at Hemming Plaza. Jul/Aug.  https://Jacksonville Downtown ArtWalk 

               - Published Photographic Abstractions: An Experiment of Abstract Expressionism in Photography.

                  MFA Thesis.  Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts.  Jacksonville University (FL).  April.


               - Two Women Visual Art Exhibit - Art Walk Downtown Jacksonville, FL.  11/2018 - 2/2019. 

2018    - SCOPE Art - Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 LIGHT PAINTINGS exhibit, booth B39.  December 4-9.

               - In The Works - MFA Thesis Exhibit at Alexander Brest Museum, Jacksonville University. 7/26-8/26.

               - Arts = Humanity - Conceptual Sand Painting Installation for human freedom at Miami’s Adrienne                               Arsht Center for the Arts.  Supported by Women Arts, SWAN Miami Day & the Spoken Soul Festival.  4/7.

               - Earth Day - Cube Painting Site Specific Painting Installation for Environmental Conservation at the   lake                      on the campus of the West Kendall Baptist Hospital, Miami, FL. 4/22.

                - Art Boulevard - Conceptual Cube Painting Installation in honor of Nursing Week at the West Kendall                           Baptist Hospital, Miami, FL.  May 7th 2018 to March 2019.


2017    - Life Size Human Contact Painting Installation - Jacksonville University Summer Residency: 

               - Silver Men, Life size conceptual painting - Nontoxic acrylic on human on paper, 9 x 12 feet.

               - Golden Men, Life size conceptual painting - Nontoxic acrylic on human on paper, 12 x 14 feet.


               - #ArtTakesMiami2017 - Exhibit of global creators during Art Basel Miami.  Dec 4-10.


2016    - Art Takes Over Times Square, NY - Photography Exhibit at Conde Nast Building, 4th floor.  June 8.


               - Conceptual Sand Painting Installation - Red Sand On White Sand Over A Half Mile - Interactive                                Earthwork Painting Installation on the sands of Miami Beach, FL.  I lent my voice to the                                                         #REDSANDPROJECT to raise awareness and help the fight against modern day slavery, human                                       trafficking, sex slavery, and child labor by painting the white sands of South Beach with red sand.                               


2015    - Le Musee du Louvre, Paris, France - Exposure Award exhibit for "The Sky Collection."  July 13.

               - SCOPE Art, Art Basel Miami Beach - Photography exhibit, booth B27.  December 3-8.

               - Site Specific Installation of My Seahorse - Sculpture: plaster, wood, metal, burlap - 4 x 4.5 feet on the                         sands of Miami Beach, FL.  My Seahorse was inspired by my love for the ocean and all of its creatures.  It's                       also an appeal on behalf of the environment and all living beings.  We live in a time when human impact on                     nature is severe. In protest against the calamities that our planet has suffered over the decades, I offer “My                         Seahorse” as a symbol of the frailty of our existence.  “My Seahorse” was constructed with fragile and                                 ephemeral components to reference the principle that the environment should be protected and treated                           delicately.


2014    - SCOPE Art, Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Photography exhibit, booth G19.  December 4-7.

2013    - SCOPE Art, Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 Photography exhibit, booth C21 & C22.  Dec.  3-8.

2010    - The Hollywood Corner, Los Angeles, CA - Solo Exhibit.  October 2009 to April 2010.

               - Beverly Hills Country Club Art Exhibit, Beverly Hills, CA.  May.


2009    - Photographed U2 live in concert, Dublin, Ireland.  July 24th and 25th.

               - Ten Women Gallery, Venice, CA - Day of the Dead Exhibit. October.

               - Intergenerational Arts Festival: Celebration of Life, Santa Monica, CA, group exhibit.  October

               - Brazilian Day in L.A. Art Exhibit. Tar Pits Museum, Los Angeles, CA, group exhibit.  September.

               - Ten Women Gallery, Santa Monica, CA - group exhibit.  April to August.

               - Ten Women Gallery, Venice, CA - Guest Artist Exhibit.  March.

2008    - Brazilian Consulate Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA - 2 Year Art Retrospective.  April - September.

2006    - Beverly Hills Executive Suites Art Exhibit - Solo Exhibit.  Dec. 2006 to Nov. 2007.  

               - Brazilian Consulate Gallery - Solo Exhibit.  January 20th 2006 to April 18th, 2007.

               - Brazilian Day in L.A. Art Exhibit. Tar Pits Museum, Los Angeles. September.

2005    - The Smithsonian Institution & the Millard Sheets Gallery Exhibit at the L.A. County Fair.  Sep.                          - Annual Abbot Kinney Art Festival, Venice, CA - Artist Pavilion. September.

2004    - 2007 Photographed Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2004    - 2005 The Santa Monica Corsair News, CA - Photojournalist.  Photographed arts & leisure, portrait,                          pictorial, illustration, documentary, photo stories, community spot news, sports & features.                         





2019    - The Wave Magazine

               - Aquarian, Literature and Visual Arts Review - Volume 49, page 105 – Photographic Abstraction.

                 https://Aquarian, Literature and Visual Arts Review/Marcia Brito

2016    - The Beauty of Humanity - Book, Page 58 - Exhibit at SCOPE Art Miami Beach for Art Basel, Dec :

         - page 58.

2015    - The Sky Collection - Book, Page 106 - Exhibit at Le Musee du Louvre, Paris, France on July 13th:

          - page 106.

2007    - Brazilian Press Association - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Online publication of Carnaval photographs.

               - Brazil Explore Magazine - Los Angeles.  No. 67, pages 32, 33.  March.    

               - Soul Brasil Magazine - Los Angeles, issue 27, front cover and pages 24, 25.  Dec./Jan.    

2006    - Santa Barbara News Press, CA.  Front page of Style sec. 2/27.  Photographs of Brazilian Carnaval.

               - Brasil Best Magazine - Los Angeles, No. 80, front cover and centerfold, pages 24, 25. October.

2005    - Brazil Locations Book - Brazilian Consulate in L.A.  Photographs of the Brazilian landscapes.  

               - Santa Monica Corsair News, CA. Centerfold, pp 6, 7 of Arts & Leisure, 3/16. Carnaval 2005 Photos.

2004    - Santa Monica Corsair News - P. 10, Sept 29th.  Photo Essay on the Brazilian Rainforest.





2018   - 2017 American Association of University Women (AAUW) Award for Career Advancement.

2017    - Howard Gilman Fellowship - from Jacksonville University, Fine Arts Department.

2014    - Art Takes Miami - Awarded to exhibit during Art Basel Miami 2014.

2013    - Art Takes Miami - Awarded to exhibit during Art Basel Miami 2013.

2005    - 1st Place Award  Carnaval Series-Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Art Exhibit/Competition. CA. 

               - Jacob Rubel Memorial Award for Photography.  Santa Monica College, California.  June.

               - The Corsair Photography Award for Best Dominant Art of the Year.  Santa Monica, CA.  June.

               - Photographic Excellence Award and Exhibition at The Barrett Art Gallery, Santa Monica.  April. - JACC                         Feature Photo Award.  California State Photojournalism Competition, Sacramento.  April.

2004     - 1st Place Personal Vision Award.  Corsair Awards.  Santa Monica, CA.  December.

2004     - Corsair Outstanding Wild Art Award for outstanding performance and lasting contribution. Dec. 

               - JACC On-the-Spot News Photo Award.  Southern CA Conference/Competition, Fullerton.  October.

1991    - 1988 Roosevelt University Scholarship Award for academic merit.  Chicago, IL.

1990     - National Dean's List

1990     - 1989 Roosevelt University Dean's List

1988     - International Institute of Education of New York Award - scholarship for high academic performance,                              renewed for the complete program of studies at Roosevelt University.

1986    -​ 1980 Member of Brazilian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team​ and participated in 1982 Gymnaestrada,                       in  Zurich, Switzerland.





2019    - 2017  Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Arts at Jacksonville University, FL. Grad. 4/25/2019.

2015    - 2014  Florida International University.  Miami, FL - Visual Arts.
2012    - Miami Dade College.  Miami, FL - Art History.
2012    - Broward College.  Fort Lauderdale, FL - Art History.
2008    - 1999  Santa Monica College.  California - Visual Arts.
1992    - 1988  Roosevelt University.  Chicago, IL.  Bachelor of Arts.  January 1992.
1988    - 1987  IBEU (Institute Brazil United States).  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Teacher Training Course - English.
1988    - 1982  Alliance Francaise of Brazil.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Teacher Training Course - French.





2019    - 2016 Teaching Credential - Certified by the Florida Department of Education to teach Art.

2018    - Conceptual Photography Workshop to undergraduate students at Jacksonville University, FL.

2016    - Full time Art Teacher at Colbert Museum Magnet School in Hollywood, FL.

               - Colbert Museum Night - Curator of the Visual Art Exhibit from students pre-K to 5th grades.

               - Colbert After School Program - Ceramics Club - Ceramic Arts individual instruction.

2000     - Present Private and in-Studio Teaching of Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture and Photography.

1991     - Peer Advisor for Roosevelt University Project Enter – Advising & recruitment of high school seniors.





2009    - volunteered time and artwork for Senior Arts Foundation in Santa Monica, California.

2008    - volunteered time and artwork for Sony Studios Christmas party for inner city kids in Culver City, LA.

1990    - 2008 Actor/Model - Volunteered time and talent for film projects at the American Film Institute in Los                         Angeles, at Columbia College in Chicago, and at The Art Institute of Chicago, IL.

1990   - 1991 Student Senator of the Roosevelt University, IL, Student Body, through elections. Member of the
                 Students Rights and Privileges Committee. Member of the Student Legislative Affairs Committee.

1990    - Lead Actor in "Children's Health" film for permanent exhibit, Museum of Science & Industry,

                 Chicago, IL.



LANGUAGES   -   Fluent in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and some Italian.

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