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Photographic Abstractions or Light Paintings  are a cross media experiment between conceptual photography and abstract expressionist painting. A camera is used as a brush in space, capturing light, color and movement.  They are 40x60” Photographs on canvas, and explore the intersections of art and science.  The artwork employs optics, color, and the physics of light to provide a fun, subjective, and abstract view of everyday reality.  These abstractions are created entirely in camera without photo-processing software.  Images are made by manipulating the camera lens and by making gestural movements with the camera in order to highlight the role of speed, color, and light in the process of abstraction.

The intention of the artwork is to provide an escape, even if only momentary, from the daily challenges we all encounter; creating joy in the face of life’s daily struggles.  It is up to the viewer to interpret the shapes, colors and textures playfully presented through fragmented subjects.  Joy is necessary to balance out the negativity, violence, and injustice in the world.  Joy is an act of resistance in our challenging times.  The "Photographic Abstractions" or "Light Paintings” bridge the more scientific aspects of photography with the gesture and vibrant color of Abstract Expressionism.

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